About Your Coaches

Carissa is a Plant Medicine Integration Coach, a Love and Authenticity Practitioner, and holds a BA in Human Psychology. Her past was less than glamorous. Bedridden with physical ailments, mental illness and plagued with alcoholism in 2019 her desperation to heal has warped into a booming success. What started as merely a dream in her mind to heal herself, heal others and heal the world has become a dream come true.
‚ÄčAs she fulfills her purpose here on Earth to raise human consciousness to a love frequency through intentional and therapeutic use of plant medicine her methodology is healing students worldwide.
Living proof that the mind and body have an innate intelligence to heal, Carissa has inspired and transformed thousands of women’s lives. Her unorthodox style of teaching creates a safe space for anyone to easily digest this information and apply it to their lives.
Since starting her own healing journey she has manifested her soulmate, cultivated a stronger relationship with her adult daughter, built multiple businesses, and devoted her life to teaching others how to live a heart centered, love based life.

Jake Worthington

Jake served honorably in the USMC from 2000-2004, and is a veteran of the Battle of An Nasiriyah where he was decorated for Combat Valor. He has been the Guest of Honor at Marine Corps Ball. Is an amazing public speaker with a booming deep voice. Jake battled with alcoholism and addiction for over 20 years. He taught people with learning disabilities, coached CrossFit for over a decade, and is a journeyman Laborer in Construction. He did a good job of hiding the severity of his disease by changing substances to get the heat off. All the while ignoring his real disease, which was his relationship with himself.

At 40 years old, while earning six-figure income, he finally hit the emotional and spiritual bottom necessary to do whatever it took to change. (Sobriety date: 12/11/2021) The change was hard. Very hard. There were months of incomprehensable demoralization... in recovery! With death as the alternative, he battled his inner voice... the real inner demons. When dealing with the subconscious it is difficult to discern which thoughts are actually in your best interest.

Jake and Carissa found each other in recovery. Their conversations elevated each other's understanding and interaction with the world. Together they want to offer their understanding of building yourself back up after you have every reason to keep yourself down.