Are You Ready To  Effortlessly Love, Accept and Forgive Yourself?

Are you curious about improving your relationship with yourself so that you can live in harmony & happiness with others?


 Are You Ready To End Self Sabotage Forever?


The secret to experiencing peace, happiness and abundance lies within your subconscious mind.

Plant medicine healthcare has existed for thousands of years and was a well-established system long before Western medicine developed in the last 200 years.


Plant medicine offers a chance to heal the emotional, energetic, and spiritual roots of dis-ease by opening channels of communication to our subconscious inner landscapes.


When operating in LOVE & AUTHENTICITY we can have, create and experience everything we desire!

The Love Yourself Again Team teaches you how to heal from addiction, rage and self sabotage.


As a spiritual being having a human experience, you were created to EXPAND and push the limits of your life. And your desire to heal has led you here..


Work with us through the comfort of your home with one of our online courses below OR work 1: 1 with us by booking a ceremony today!

Our ceremonies consist of the following medicinal mushrooms: Lions Mane, Reishi and Cordyceps along with ceremonial Cacao. We have found these medicines to ease symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, CPTSD, OCD. Fun Fact you wont hear in mainstream media- Turkey Tail mushrooms have been know to cure cancer! To learn more watch Fantastic Fungi on Netflix.

** Its important to note that although we support the use of psychedelics for mental health and stand behind the legalizations of these medicines we only work with the legal plant medicines mentioned above. Should you be interested in psychedelic ceremonies we strongly encourage you to reference John Hopkins University for breathtaking and cutting edge research on psychedelic clinical trials!!**

Any hoodle doodle......with that said....You deserve an amazing life. PERIOD. We offer 3 courses to teach you how to up level your finances, how to use medicinal plant medicine to heal your mind & body and a step by step blueprint to end limiting beliefs holding you back in life.

If you are looking to heal your subconscious mind through intentional use of Mother Earth's offerings then Plant Medicine Academy is the course for you! If your relationship with money is in the shitter, you want Microdosing & Money and NO microdosing in not a requirement just a plus! If you're looking for a complete life overhaul to stop lashing out on the ones you love, end self sabotaging behaviors keeping you playing baby small in life How To Love Yourself is YOUR course!!


When you purchase ONE course you'll be given 50% off to all other products we offer including one FREE month to our Integration Community!


That's right you purchase ONE course and the rest are 50% off!


These courses are designed to guide you to loving yourself as uniquely important to those around you, starting with the person in the mirror.

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Tired of being defined by a self sabotaging identity...

...that’s less than worthy of who you really are? Who you were born to be? Underneath the pain, suffering, anxiety and depression is your authentic self. You are a soul having a human experience and that soul is burning to shine through. It's TIME to get out of your own way!!

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"Through implementing the exact healing practices we teach you we have been able to manifest the thoughts, habits, lifestyle and relationships we truly desire."

Love Yourself Again Team

How many times...

..... have you said to yourself “I've never really loved myself I need to learn how" but you never take the inspired action to learn the necessary steps to loving your authentic self? How desperately do you yearn to know, love & accept who you really are but just don't know how or what that even looks like?


And year after year...

...the same results manifest or you create an even more unacceptable reality than the year before? Or worse- you’ve experienced incomprehensible demoralization and have hit rock bottom?


YOUR TIME IS NOW!! Your Life Will Not Improve Until You DECIDE to Change It.


Nothing changes if nothing changes. You're not time or money away from creating the amazing life you secretly desire for yourself. You are a DECISION away. Once you make the decision the human mind and the universe work together to conspire everything in your favor!


In your time with Carissa & Jake you'll learn how to:

Rewire your mind through Neuroplasticity, how Epigenetics influence behavior, make Universal Laws work for you not against you, modernize Spirituality to find a God of your own understanding, use of Ancient Manifestation to generate more income, and Whole Body Healing so you can stop treating your problems symptomatically and heal yourself from the root cause.

It is your BIRTHRIGHT to be happy, healthy and wealthy. Period. It’s proven. Sit back, relax, drink your Kombucha and WATCH the miracles unfold before you. It's magical.



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Listen to what clients have to say here👇


Dr. McBride

Carissa's care is matched equally by her intuition. Her optimism is unparalleled in helping her clients reach their aspirations of attaining a more fulfilling mindset and life. The program she has created comes from a pure place in her heart, she has a lot of compassion and empathy for how she carries herself within her sessions. There is unbound potential for what you will be capable of doing with her guidance.

Max Mastrangelo

I met Carissa during a time in my life when I was ready to do the work of healing myself, but also very uncertain about where and how to direct my efforts. At the crossroads of self-discovery and habitual self-sabotage in relationships of all kinds, the knowledge and experiences Carissa shared with me helped me to gain sight of my previously undiscovered sense of spiritual purpose and re-tune my inner compass to be guided by curiosity rather than fear. I’m someone who tends to be very skeptical of quick fixes and self-help in general, but I learned through Carissa’s guidance to use plant medicine to strengthen the voice of my own inner teacher. I can confidently say that this medicinal practice has been absolutely transformative and empowering for me. If you’re committed to healing with plant medicine but don’t know where to start, I can’t recommend Love Yourself Again enough!

Tierra Smith

Love Yourself Again has absolutely changed my world. Before I took Carissa’s course I was suffering with terrible anxiety, I could no longer work, there were days I could barely get out of bed. I was tired of taking my antidepressants and thought they were no longer working.
Just days into taking her course my anxiety ceased, the brain fog fog started to lift, and my depression started to go away. The resources she provides is priceless! I don’t know if it’s Carissa’s energy that flooded my home, my body, my laptop or what but I felt safe, protected and ready to change my thoughts to change my life. The quality of my life has been enhanced tenfold. I cannot stress the importance enough of taking this course. It is worth every penny and I would shout it from the rooftop to all my friends and family and worldwide if I could!