Hi, Caitlin here. 🙂

Today I thought I’d tell you some tips on how to be motivated!

We all know that being motivated is very tough, especially when you are/have been depressed. A very important part of recovering from depression or any mental illness is motivation! Because if you’re not motivated how will you get better!  But it’s okay because I’m here!! I hope you enjoy this post and leave with some tips! Hopefully at least one of you will leave here and use these tips because then I’ll know that I’ve done my job! 😉

1: Bring A Friend!!

Whether it’s working out or going to town, bring someone who can support you! This is a good tip as you are doing two things: 1) Socializing, and 2) Doing what you need to do!     Tell your friend that you’re having trouble motivating yourself. Tell them to force you to go to town or work or whatever you have to do!

2: Take Your Time!!!!

Do something small and reward yourself! Reward yourself with a bar of chocolate or a magazine! Think about your reward!

3: Get Dressed!

It’s good to get dressed once you get up! It’s okay to have a PJ day once in a while! But not everyday!!! This sets yourself up for the day ahead. After this, paint your nails or do your hair! Get cleaned up!!

4: Make Lists!!

Even if you don’t want to just write down the things you have to do or want to do! (I’m not judging!) But really this helps you stay organized and I know I feel better when I do this!

5: Be Realistic!!!!

This one may seem obvious but let’s be real here (get it!!! I’m so funny!) we sometimes set huge targets and we never complete them!! Think to yourself, “instead of doing that 10K race, I’m going to do the 5K”. Cut things in half; it will help.

6: Talk To Someone!

Again this may seem obvious but tell someone you’re having a hard time. One thing I’ve learned is that you can only bottle up so much then it will explode. Talk to someone who has gone through something similar to you and listen. Or talk to me at

7: Don’t Think About It!

Just do it!! I find this very helpful. Don’t think just do!!

8: How Are YOU Feeling?

Really how are you feeling? I’m not just asking this to make conversation. I’m asking to REALLY know how you are feeling. If you’re feeling suicidal or depressed, please go to your doctor and just talk to him/her. It’s okay to be sad but not all of the time. 

9: Do A SMALL Workout!

I’m saying like 20 squats to work on getting that Kim Kardashian butt you’ve always wanted. (Second post about Kim K, I know!)  I really need to do this one, hehe 😉

10: Think Of Your Pet!

If you have any! Bring your pet for a 5 minute walk and see how happy they are!! If you don’t have a pet that you can walk, hug your pet. (Unless it’s a fish sorry)





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  1. Thanks for writing this. I don’t have problem with my motivation now but I can read this post again someday when I feel not so good.

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