How To De-Stress

Hi welcome back to Love Yourself Again!

Today I’m going to be telling you guys all about de-stressing!

These tips are some that I have used. Some of them may work for you, some may not. But I think the most important thing is to look around and find your interests. Try everything from art,  to cooking, to horse riding. Find things that make you happy!! Because that’s all that matters: Your Happiness! It’s like Roald Dahl said:

“It’s impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you’re not feeling twinkly yourself!”

1: Go For A Short Walk

If you enjoy going on long walks, then do that! But it is scientifically proven that even a 1o minute walk through a forest, or somewhere that has lots of green, clears your head and boosts endorphins (which reduces stress hormones). This also puts your bod into a meditive state.

2: Breathe!

Deep breathing can help release tension and reduce stress! It can also reduce blood pressure. Just remember to breathe. Look up how to meditate or meditation in the workplace! Or check out Gabby’s Beginner’s Guide to Meditation! Meditation really does help!


3: Take It Day By Day, Hour By Hour!

Sometimes all you need to do is just think off this hour or the next. Think to yourself: what will I do now? Instead of thinking “what will happen tomorrow,” just relax and take a breather! Tell yourself, “I’m just going to think of what I’m doing now.”

4: Buy A Plant

Researchers found that even being around a plant reduces stress! Buy a green plant and listen to some music and breathe!

5: Put Your Phone Down!!

Put your phone or iPad or laptop down or turn them on airplane mode or something! You don’t need to know who’s going out tonight or what Kim Kardashian is wearing!

6: Play Some Music

This helped and still helps me through hard times! Put your headphones on or blast it out!!! Close your eyes or play a video game or something that you enjoy! Otherwise, just close your eyes and listen, really listen to all of the lyrics and beats!

7: Do What You Love

Personally I’m obsessed with going on YouTube and looking at my favorite beauty guru’s!! But you could be into ballet, art, music, reading, anything!!

8: Light Candles!

I love lighting candles and just listening to music and doing the next step that I’m about to tell you!!


9: Write Down What Your Feeling!

Whatever you’re feeling, write it down! Whether you feel sad, mad, angry or even just tired, write it down! It really does help! I’m not talking about a diary thing where everyday you sit down and say Dear Diary…. I’m  just saying if you feel like you need to write it down, then do!

10: Read!

I’m so obsessed with reading!! I’m currently reading a Lisa Williamson book called The Art Of Being Normal. I love lighting a candle, reading, and of course watching Netflix!

Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed and found these helpful!! Try at least one a day and it will help!

P.S If plan A didn’t work, the alphabet  has 25 more letters. Stay cool!!




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