Conquer Your Dreams

Today, I caught up with Darren Hardy’s Step 2 to Conquering Your Dreams: No Excuses.

In the first couple minutes of the video, I was aghast. How can everything in your life be your fault? God knows I did not make myself depressed. I did not inject myself with vitality-sucking hormones. And yet, Darren speaks truth: it’s your fault. …

“you are responsible for how you respond to what happens to you” and to what life throws at you.

I didn’t want to complete Darren’s Action for Today. I knew my life is a shambles because of my mental health. But I did it anyway.

Where are you less than your best? Why?
1. fitness – no motivation
2. income – few hours at work because of school
3. savings – too many expenses
4. career progress (i.e. undergrad status) – can’t focus in school
5. relationship with family – I feel awkward
6. peace of mind – I am easily frustrated, stressed, and anxious
7. life balance – there’s too much going on!

Now cross out the reasons you gave for why and simply put: Because I failed. What are you going to do to change it, starting now?
1. motivate self
2. manage time properly
3. cut on unnecessary expenses; budget wisely
4. persevere and power through
5. spend more time with family & open up to them more
6. take time to meditate
7. focus on one thing at a time

And it was quite an aha moment for me.

Sure, it’s not a piece of cake to change your lifestyle. Sure, you know these things already. But, sometimes, all it takes is a switch to turn on in your head for you to be able to make a move.

The no-excuses concept isn’t new to me. And I’m actually loving Brian Tracy’s The Power of Self-Discipline: No Excuses!, but it’s taking me a while to read through the 293-page book as I work through my million-page class readings. Darren’s 5-minute video & action plan hit the right spot. And I’m glad I’m taking action.

What are you going to do to change your life?

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