Hey everyone! I’m back today with a very important post. Confidence. I think almost everyone (especially with today’s society) suffers from lack of confidence and I’m hoping to help! Some of you may have seen Always put up videos on YouTube called #LikeAGirl and this has raised the topic of confidence. Which is amazing!!

Always questioned some girls going through puberty and it turns out 72% of girls going through puberty do feel society limits them!

Anyways let’s get into these tips!

Dress how you want to dress. I feel like not many people do this nowadays- especially teens! But it’s time to change! Dress how you wanna dress; go out and do whatever and feel confident! I know when I go out in an outfit I love I feel amazing and, more important, confident!

Investigate the negative thoughts! Sometimes all you need to do is go through all of those voices or thoughts saying you’re not pretty or that you’re overweight. Put them out there, write them down and read through each one of them and say “I’m Beautiful”. Easier said than done; believe me, I know! But just try it once and you’ll see the difference!

Stop comparing yourself to others! This one is the toughest. Everyone has done this. But the thing is if you keep saying to yourself, “I wish I could be like her/him,” how are you going to get anywhere? You’re not. You have to accept that this is you and that there are some things you cannot change! But that’s ok because you know what: YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL! This step is SO hard to do as you scroll down through Tumblr or Instagram and will more than likely see this girl in a bikini and think, “Wow, she’s so pretty! I wish I could be her.” But you can’t. And that’s ok–you’re pretty, too!

Think of your body language. Keep your chin up and walk one foot in front of the other. It’s that simple and it can make a huge difference and make you look SO confident.

Keep working on it! Confidence takes time and a lot of work. Don’t be afraid of what other people think. Remember YOU’RE the only one who can change this!

So there you have it 5 tips which hopefully help you guys out! I really hope you guys enjoyed this!

P.S. Self-confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. How can anyone see how great you are if you can’t see it yourself?


Caitlin xx


Note from Camille: I apologize that this post is a day late. Caitlin is great with submitting her posts to me on the weekends so we can post them on Mondays, but I’ve been quite busy lately and haven’t had the time to review this until today.

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