Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all having an amazing day! Sorry about not posting last week I honestly didn’t see the week go by!

Anyway’s moving on let’s talk about sleep! Obviously a big part of getting over depression or just getting over any illness is sleep!  And if you’re like me and you’re having trouble going to sleep then maybe these tips will help!

1: Meditate!!

Some people find this works and other people don’t! I personally have never tried this but it probably wouldn’t work for me because sometimes when I can’t see the door I always think someone who’s not there is going to creep up on me! Anyways that’s beside the point take a meditation class at night or look up some meditation tutorials online! If that doesn’t work look up sleep meditation!

2: Stop Drinking!!

Stop drinking alcohol as this will affect sleep. Try drinking water or sleep tea!

3: Try taking yoga classes!

Yoga is a great way to de-stress and relax! Try yoga class or again look up some yoga positions for sleep!

4: Do more in your day!

Yes this is an obvious one but a very effective one! This will obviously make you tired and may help you fall asleep!

5: Set a routine!

Again an obvious one but this one will work! Set a time to go to wake up in the morning,  do some yoga or even just meditate!

6: If you’re religious, pray!

I personally am not religious I’m actually Wiccan! But if you feel that by praying it helps then do that!

7: Get up! 

Start your day off with some loud music and just dance!! Dance until you feel like stopping!! But if you’ve woken up in the middle of the night then get up! Make yourself a cup of tea, read a book or just watch some TV!!

8: Tryptophan!!!

Try snacking on food with tryptophan in them such as yogurt, milk, bananas, eggs, lentils, fish, oats and lots more!!

9: Start work later! 

If you work from home start work at around 6pm so that you use up your energy. Researchers actually found that starting your work later in the day actually helps cure insomnia!

10: Get Comfortable!!!

Change your sheets or put on your onesie!! Get comfortable about an hour before you go to bed and watch your soaps or just watch your favorite TV show!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this and I hope it helped at least one of you!!

P.S Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together ~ Thomas Dekker

Bye guys!




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