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A Guide to Happiness, Health, and Wealth along the Purple Ninja Path of Life...
...By entrepreneur and former U.S. Army Medical Soldier of the Year/Best Warrior 
"David Dasilma's new book... how can I say this? It's mental. It's wild. When he said 'It's retarded,' on the back cover, I figured he was joking. But this is truly a crazy funny yet motivating gem amongst a self-help genre that takes itself a bit too seriously. What Dasilma has accomplished within this easy-as-pie read is truly outstanding. 

I'd expect nothing less from such an accomplished gentleman. What's even more interesting is how little he speaks of his successes, which are many. Instead, he focuses on what he considers 'mistakes' in order for other to learn from. I could only hope I one day have as many 'mistakes' as what's in this book. Then, I can say I've lived a full life." - Johnathan Barkley, Humanities Professor, U of M
Not only is that cool... but check this out!
Okay, so you want a snippet. Fine. I'll keep it controversial for you:

Excerpt from Chapter 24

As for Kendall Jenner? Look, there’s no nice way to put this. Her older sister, Kim Kardashian, who is no fool as well, no matter what you see on TV, allowed herself to be filmed by her at-the-time lover, singer Ray J, while they fornicated, and that shit went viral. But for real-real. Money changing hands for videos viral. 

Bigger than Paris Hilton’s One Night in Paris (which is actually so much better) viral. The stars aligned based on who that family was and the OJ Simpson connection within the thirty-mile zone (TMZ) that is known only as “Hollywood,” and then Ryan Seacrest and E! network leveraged that notoriety, with the help of super manager-mom Kris Jenner, who was married to at-the-time Bruce Jenner, a former Olympian and American hero, so the perfect storm of Hollyweird all spun at the right moment. 

Most women who have sex on home video that goes public turn out to be embarrassed or on an amateur porn site at best. Kim Kardashian’s perfect storm of events turned that potentially life-shattering video into a multibillion dollar empire of successes after successes.

Thus—unless you have an older sister willing to bare it all and literally get fucked “in public” for you, with millions and millions eternally watching that video, and her having to explain and shield that video to and from her children and them to their children, and these are children that also belong to the Kanye West, and you have your other two sisters always involved in some crazy drama and your actual Olympian dad transition into a female—you will not become Kendall Jenner and achieve her level of success for the “little” that she does by trying to act like her and making your imitation YouTube videos and Instagram posts. 

You’ll have more luck doing what Kim did, but I really, truly don’t suggest that. At all. I don’t judge it, but I don’t suggest it. Come on, people. Just STOP. Or don’t. It’s all the same. Just whatever you do, do it from a place of true self-love and awareness. It cannot be wrong from that place."
meet the man behind the book
David Dasilma
"This book is retarded. The whole thing can be summed up by the three-word title, yet, somehow, for some reason, I wrote more."- David Dasilma

Using raw, real-life personal stories, left-field observations, and biting, irreverent humor, I chop up and wok-cooks world belief systems, then serve them back to you in a sarcastic spiritual stir-fry—a meal fit only for those truly ready to transform, or, those who have transformed and need to be reassured that the Purple Ninja Path of Life is indeed their highest truth. 

As the title suggests, LOVE YOURSELF AGAIN reminds you to return to their greatest Self—the state of true self-love and appreciation—a personal place of abundance and endless possibility that more than likely hasn’t been approached or entered since early childhood.

LOVE YOURSELF AGAIN falls perfectly in line with Dasilma Entertainment’s overall mission, which is to entertain audiences while positively helping alter lives through powerful messages.  I hope you enjoy it--I'm certain you will.
What's inside the book •
Sample Pages •
There are some of the incredibly interesting and thought provoking things that you are going to learn inside of this book. I wanted to show you some of my favorite stuff here! (I have left out some of the juiciest stuff, because you deserve to be titillated and scandalized in the comfort of your own living situation and not online)
The top three most important things that you will learn:
  • The truth behind every diet that exists on the planet (believe me, I've tried them all) and how to learn to just eat what you want in moderation.
  • How following Wayne Gretzky (or your heart) can lead to positive international relocation.  
  • How to protect and nurture your inner child and take command and control of any bullying! Parents, pay attention. Asking questions works! 
Page 33. I tell you about my year as a full-fledged, annoying Vegan. Yes, with a capital "V" (no offense to vegans). 
Page 199. I ONLY share this secret with people who read page 199.
Page 19. On this page, I tell you about an incredibly useful secret to help you choose your toothpaste (or anything else)... no... REALLY, though.
Page 73. On this page, I'll show you my #1 secret to overcoming some obstacles.
Now that I've laid out what you'll discover in LOVE YOURSELF AGAIN,  it's time for you to GRAB YOUR DIGITAL COPY. So, if you want the book NOW then click on the button below!
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