How To Love Yourself Mini Course

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What you'll get:

  • In just one week or less you're going to learn our tried and true methods to creating the energetic vibration of LOVE into your heart
  • 10 videos with Jake & Carissa designed to end your self sabotage and defeating thoughts
  • We include 3 videos on biggest mistakes you're making keeping you from loving yourself and others
  • Why loving yourself does NOT have to come first (controversial AF- we know insert emoji wink here)
  • Our step by step proven methodology so you can start loving yourself IMMEDIATELY 
  • The 5 benefits of loving yourself
  • If you believe you're incapable of loving yourself we will strait up prove you wrong...try us its FREE

*This mini course is our gift to you. We offer a comprehensive course where we go deeper and take you step-by-step on how to improve the way you interact with your subconscious to heal your mind, heal your heart and heal your relationships.

Your family deserves the best you.