Body Shaming.

Welcome back! First thing I wanted to say is that I didn’t get to put up a post last week as I had  some very stressful days. But anyways back to this week’s post! Today we are talking about something very important: Body Shaming.

Body Shaming~ 

Shaming someone for their body type.  e.g. You’re too skinny/ You’re way too fat.

Yes, I know what your thinking: this is disgusting. Well, yes, it is! I hate talking about this topic but I must because so many people these days are being bullied for their weight. Whether they’re too skinny or too fat is none of your concern… Unless, of course, you are worried about their health. And, if so, tell them yourself. Don’t laugh about it behind their back.

What people don’t understand is that calling someone too skinny is the same as calling someone too fat; it’s disgusting ~ Kendall Jenner

This is not okay. People can bully people over anything now: their clothes, their personality, their weight…

This has to stop.

So this post was a short one but I had to write about this topic because it’s not okay to judge someone because of their weight.

P.S. No more body shaming! Big or small, short or tall, none of us are beautiful if we tear others down to build ourselves up.


Caitlin 🙂

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