Life Happens

I planned to write a series of posts on goal-setting that was timely for this new year. I created my schedule and listed the sub-topics I was going to publish for each week. I also wrote down the prompts for the #52weeksofplay Instagram challenge.

I told myself that I will be consistent with blogging.


But life happened.

My website was deleted from the Internet because I switched hosts and did not know I had to manually request for the full website transfer. So I rescheduled my posts and did away with some of them to accommodate for the time I needed to restart and re-design the blog.

School started and I decided to pick up two extra courses that I needed to upgrade. The commute to my classes was two hours each way. And I decided to finally be a good student and get a headstart on my assignments. I definitely had my priorities straight, but that meant less time gathering information for my posts.

Then my brother introduced Don’t Starve! to me. I got addicted to the game, so I spent a big chunk of my time and all my phone’s battery for it.

And I got sick. Whenever I wasn’t working on my assignment or playing Don’t Starve!, I took the time to rest.

Life will continue to happen.

That’s simply a fact. We plan for it the best we can, but we also do our best to be flexible and accommodating of whatever it throws at us.

This blog is important to me, but it is not a priority in the bigger scheme of things in my life right now. This is why it gets put in the back burner a lot, but never really removed from the stove.

I will continue to cook things up.

Now that I feel better and have started my field placement, dropped my extra courses, and started a new routine, I can plan my days more consistently.

There are only 168 hours in a week and I can only do so much without going crazier than I already am.

I will let life happen.