Week 9 (2015): Picking Yourself Up

A new year, a new month, a new week, a new day… These are all great times for a fresh start. It’s already been quite the cliché, really, but we all know it’s true. Don’t you get that feeling of waiting for the next day, week, month, or year to begin anew? I’ve been feeling that way these past several weeks.

February hasn’t exactly been good to me. And I haven’t been good to me. So to start off March 2015 and Week 9 of 2015, here are my goals:

March 2015

This month, I signed up for Blogging University’s Photography 101.

Previously, I had a photoblog, Modus Imaginem, where I tried to post daily collections of photos. I stopped posting in 2012 and I never really got back to it. Through an assignment from Blogging 101, I decided to get back to photography and share my work online. However, I think that maintaining several blogs will be a handful, especially since I take my time designing the looks of each. So I will streamline my journey into one blog: Love Yourself Again. And perhaps when I’ve curated a lot more pictures I will switch back to updating Modus Imaginem.

Meanwhile, I’ve been studying up on blogging and realized that I do have to make regular (read: not daily) posts if I’d like my readers to grow and stay. So I edited my “weekly” schedule and spaced it out for this month (plus Caitlin’s posts and/or guest entries/contributions):

Week 9, 2015

As for my personal goals, I will hone in on this week and track my progress in smaller chunks to help me really focus on them.

∞ apply for jobs = search + résumé + applications
∞ attend appointments
∞ establish a morning & an evening routine

Photo 101: Week 1
Share Your World
Physical Health entry: yoga
∞ Love Letters entry: on giving advice

My Personal Self-Care Plan

Connect with Others (develop & maintain relationships)
♥ 3 meaningful comments on 3 different blogs
♥ chat with best friend overseas and see how she’s doing
♥ call Mom
♥ pray to God

Be Active (participate in physical activity)
♥ attend 2 yoga classes
♥ complete 3 of 30-Day Butt Lift Challenge, Week 1

Take Notice (appreciate & reflect on what’s around you, and what matters to you)
♥ list 5 things I’m most grateful for
♥ open up the curtains and look outside every day

Learn (within & beyond the classroom)
♥ gain 60 xp in DuoLingo: French
♥ watch/listen to a TED Talk
♥ read Chapter 1 of Yoga for Depression by Amy Weintraub

Give Back (be a citizen of your community by giving back)
♥ find a volunteer position I could apply to

Building Rome: “Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it wasn’t built by one person!”

A little can mean a lot. One of my new inspirations in goal setting: Lily Pups Life

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  1. Glad to have found this today – I was just struggling with setting goals for reading and blog postings. 3 meaningful comments is manageable. (I’m also going to get back to my duolingo Spanish. I haven’t been keeping my owl happy there.)

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