Week 11 (2015): So much to do! So little time?

Everything’s been crazy lately. There’s so much to do!!

But not so little time… I’ve got whole days ahead of me and I’ve got to kick myself in the behind so as not to waste any more of it.

Brian Tracy says in No Excuses, “Rewrite your goals, everyday.” Why, you ask. It’ll only waste more time by doing the same thing you already know each day. But Tracy reiterates,

When you rewrite your ten goals each morning, you will continually see and think of opportunities to achieve those goals all day long. You will become more focused, channeled, and directed. You will be more purposeful and determined.

This week, here are my goals I’ll be rewriting every day:

Major Definite Purpose: Own a Dog by the end of May 2015

To own a dog, I need to:

Have a job (and save)

♥ Write my cover letters
♥ Send in my job applications
♥ Keep searching & applying daily

Take care of myself better

Connect with Others (develop & maintain relationships)
♥ 3 meaningful comments on 3 different blogs
♥ chat with best friend overseas and see how she’s doing (I’m so proud of her and excited about her adventures!)
♥ call Mom
♥ pray to God (The Pray As You Go app is super cool & lovely.)

Be Active (participate in physical activity)
♥ attend 2 yoga classes
♥ complete 3 of 30-Day Butt Lift Challenge, Week 1

Take Notice (appreciate & reflect on what’s around you, and what matters to you)
♥ list 5 things I’m most grateful for
♥ open up the curtains and look outside every day (This has been really helpful.)

Learn (within & beyond the classroom)
♥ gain 60 xp in DuoLingo: French (Slow but steady progress!)
♥ read Chapter 1 of Yoga for Depression by Amy Weintraub (halfway there!)

Give Back (be a citizen of your community by giving back)
♥ apply to be a Big Sister
♥ check on YMCA volunteer application at the end of the week

How are you building your week? Comment below or create your own post – just don’t forget to link back to me and to Building Rome so we can help each other out.


One thought on “Week 11 (2015): So much to do! So little time?

  1. Oh, that writing down your 10 goals each morning is a really good idea. Really like that. Yay for owning a dog, wishing you all the best in pursuit of that goal! Dogs are the best. 😀

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