Water Under the Bridge

Showers don’t simply wash off the dirt
and dead skin cells from the body.
It calms.
It soothes.
It refreshes.
It washes away
the cobwebs from the mind.




I prefer the landscape version. How about you? When you take photos, how do you orient most of them?

What’s your favourite way to clear your mind?


7 thoughts on “Water Under the Bridge

  1. I’m a landscape orientation kind of guy…but then there are some images that require a portrait layout. I’m curious about one of your tags today and it must be how you’re feeling. If it has to do with clearing the mind, for me, it depends on what’s clogging it. Sometimes its a kick in the ass or its a supporting spouse who has a wonderful touch to know I’m appreciated.

    1. Thanks, Duane!
      I’ve just been out of it lately. I have been diagnosed with depression and it seems that it’s getting worse. Worse in the sense that I’ve been feeling empty-minded, as if it’s an old mansion cleared of its contents and now only cobwebs inhabit it.
      I find being in water soothes me a lot. It works similarly to meditation, without the conscious need to be mindful.
      Thank you for asking and giving some advice.

  2. I love love love the first one. Reminds me of when I was little and during my baths I’d sneak the shower on. I loved the sound it made and the soft splashes on my cheeks. Did you use Flash to get the drops so well? Very good job!

    1. Thanks, Rachel!
      That’s so cute – I love the shower’s sound and the way it feels on my cheeks, too. One of the many reasons it calms me down (:
      Yes, I used flash. I was afraid it wouldn’t turn out so well because I had my non-waterproof camera in a zipper-storage sandwich bag XD I’m glad you like my pictures (:

  3. I think the portrait version is much stronger. The landscape version has to much space around the water where as the portrait version is much compacter and focuses on the subject.
    Nice work.

    1. I debated about that for a while. I thought the portrait would be better, considering the shower is a small space. But looking at the pictures afterwards, I feel like the space on the landscape version actually works well.
      But thank you for your input – I will definitely take that comment (focusing on the subject via orientation) into account when taking pictures.

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