My Aim is to Post

I’m slowly catching up on Blogging 101 assignments, so today I try (another) blogging event.

As I searched The Daily Post’s index of blogging events, I created a weekly schedule for my blog, posting relevant entries into categories only on certain days:

Monday – guest posts/contributions + Building Rome
Tuesday – journal entries
Wednesday – physical health
Thursday –  mental health + Photo Challenge
Friday – creative writing
Saturday – spiritual health
Sunday – love letters + Share Your World

Knowing myself, I do not necessarily aim to blog daily, but this organizes everything for me. (Granted, I will have to edit my menu and category descriptions as I explore and post more.) This way, I can set goals for myself as I continue to expand my blog, and you, my readers, will know what to expect from me. I can also link up any challenges with my existing categories, as needed.

In addition to Blogging 101: Zero to HeroWriting 201: Poetry, Share Your World, Building Rome, and the Photo Challenge, I plan on taking part in Twenty Somethings. Yes, it’s a lot, but like I said, my aim is not to post every day/every week. My aim is to post, period. These wonderful blogging events will help me with prompts, connecting with a community, building my audience, and making new friends.

I didn’t even realize how much more I’ve done for my blog with this simple assignment.

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