Moving Forward in 2015

It’s halfway through the year and we continue to move forward in 2015. How has it been for me so far?

Looking Back


I did not finish school this year; I dropped my courses in February upon learning that I have become stuck in a predicament regarding my academic record.

However, taking a break has been such a great relief. After sending in my academic petition, great mental stress has been alleviated.

I plan to go back for early childhood studies in 2016 or 2017, depending on my financial status at the time.

Travel Locally

Currently, I am on a family trip out-of-town for the Canada Day holiday.

I have a few books about my current hometown and I plan to visit points of interests and explore the city before I move out of the apartment in the fall.

Black Apron (Work)

I have been separated from Starbucks in February, giving me more free time to myself for a couple months. It has been quite boring for a while, but that quietness from school & work has really helped me put things into perspective.

During this break, I applied to various places and tried again with my transfer request with Cineplex. Indigo hired me the same week Cineplex approved my request. I am now loving my jobs. (Also, I’ve got the best perks: free movies & a great discount on books & lifestyle products!)

I am currently waiting on an interview for a supervisory role at Cineplex. (My managers have expressed their delight and appreciation at my hard work.)

Yoga: Strength & Flexibility

It is unfortunate that I took the Blu Matter Project for granted. I allowed depression to take over my life and control me. However, when my BMP access expired, I signed up for the Energy Exchange program in which I help out at the studio as a receptionist in exchange for free yoga classes.

I also participated in Cassey Ho’s The Stretch Project in June, completing 9 out of 30 daily stretches.

This month, I am determined to complete the Journey to Splits challenge.

Puppy Love

This goal has been impossible for now due to financial constraints, but I will be speaking with my doctor about ESAs (emotional support animals) and see if that will be a good option for me.

Love Yourself Again Blog

Since Blogging 101 in February, I’ve made great progress in updating my blog, but I’ve slid down a slippery slope once I became busy with my two jobs.

Moving forward, I aim to be more organized with my posting using an editorial calendar.

Seeing the Present

Many things have changed in half a year: from no work to a lot of hours at work, from being a bum at home to going out for movies by myself or with friends, from states of confusion to a clearer picture of what I want in life.

Envisioning the Future

From here on out, meditation will be a key component of how I would keep myself on track for my goals.

In no particular order, here are some of my goals for the rest of the year:

Financial Management

It’s sad that I am essentially poor in my 20s in spite of all the hours I’ve put in working for a total of 10 years. Being money smart is a matter of principle. It is time to take charge.

Physical Health

Main concerns: eating and sleeping habits.

Spending time practising yoga, stretching, and working out at home is also a priority.

Mental and Emotional Development

These go in tandem with each other. For each day I grow, I get closer to being fully in control of any mental illness that plagues me.


As of now, I look forward in focusing with my part-time jobs and growing with these wonderful companies. I would love to climb the management ladder and be more involved in the theatre’s and bookstore’s operations beyond what I do now as a front-end customer experience representative.

Social Connectedness

May it be with friends or family, reaching out regularly to people I care would be a tremendous stress-reliever and character builder. It is an essential part of being human.

Final Words

With the editorial calendar I’ve created for my blog, I have decided to re-evaluate my weekly e-newsletters. I’d like to focus my posts on Love Yourself Again with more helpful entries rather than just random rant and rave.

Thus, I invite you to sign up for the e-newsletters by clicking here to receive exclusive content and more.

This weekend, I will be telling you all about my family trip to the Waterfalls City!


♥ Camille

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