Love in Ten Sentences

I am honoured to be challenged to write something about love in such a creative way. Thank you, Ray.

Do I know love?

Forever, true, pure love?

Do you know love?

Like Jesus’ love for

everyone. His love pouring

out His wounds. Love

more than love can

be. Love symbolized on

the cross. Love greater

than anyone can love.


I invite you, reader, and the following blog writers to share your thoughts on love. You are under no obligation to accept this challenge to participate, but if you would like to, here are the guidelines:

  • Title a post: Love in Ten Sentences
  • Use ten lines
  • Four words per line
  • Include the word love in each line
  • Add your favorite quote on love
  • List and contact (challenge?) ten, or so, bloggers to share their thoughts on love
  • Include links to their blog and instructions on how to participate
  • Have fun sharing the love!

99+ Sly Thoughts: “I’ll share my life, things I find interesting, probably a little about my vegan journey, and other aspects of my life. “
Aggie’s Amygdala: Aggie explains that the amygdala “is crucial in the processing of *autobiographical* events, as well as biological and environmental cues”. Thus, she translates what’s in her amygdala onto what’s on your screen when you visit her blog.
annelovesthumper: “This is my happy space where I get to share with you my adventures, my personal and professional growth, my healthy obsessions — namely, skincare, food, and good books — and countless photos of my beloved rabbit friend, Thumper.”
Daydreams & Happy Things: “I won’t lie to you though, amongst all the fairy tales and roses, there have been some thorns and villains out to get me along the way. [. . .] I find strength within me and that’s what keeps me going.”
Fly Me to the Clouds: Lara takes you on a trip to life’s beautiful moments as she shares her passion for life through “[her] experiences, adventures, struggles and dreams”.
My True Sentence in Prose, Poems & Photos: Freeda shows you the beauty of nature through pictures and words.
Jodelle: “A writer, an editor, an illustrator, an amateur video editor, and a ball of curiosity, energy, entrepreneurship, and determination, I strive to be a versatile communications professional.”
Little Letters: “I think poems and stories are really a writer’s letter to someone, to something, to some memory.”
Spontaneous Ditties: “This is a story about a mad, insane girl trying to get by her day to day by writing mad, insane poetry about the mundane.”
Devious Bloggery: A witty writer that plays on words and structures, defying the norm.

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