Excited and Overwhelmed

There are days when I feel so frustrated for not having the energy, motivation, or inspiration to do anything.

Then there are days when I feel so ready to do everything!

My mind is abuzz with many things I want to accomplish right now. I am overwhelmed and do not know where to start.

Okay, okay. I know where to start: priorities first. But everything’s just so exciting I can’t contain myself! It’s like I’ve had coffee and the cells in my body are in super-speed mode!

There are books to read! Man, I love having discovered the world of business books and self-help books. They’re so interesting and helpful in my life right now. I can’t even begin to imagine how much more good books are out there! If you’ve read my recent posts on Cottrell’s Monday Morning Leadership, you’ll know that I find these non-fiction books great for personal development, not just for growing your business or managing your company better.

Oh, and speaking of, I have yet to write my third installment… It’s due for publishing in less than 2 hours!!! With everything going on in my head right now, I’ll have to push my publication a few hours.

Then there are the Writing 101 assignments. I was hesitant with Day Nine’s task (a scene from 3 points of view) but I found myself engrossed in creating stories for each scene. Two down, one to go. I couldn’t publish it yet because I really want to complete it first.

I also have pictures for the Weekly Photo Challenge that I’d like to submit. But I still have to upload them onto my computer.

Of course, outside the blogosphere, there’s also the job front: I need to scour the Internet for open positions that I’m qualified for. I submitted my application for the American Girl boutique yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited to hear back from them! Another position I’m very much interested in is being a Social Media Manager, but there’s so much to learn with social media that I’m afraid I wouldn’t be good enough. Nevertheless, I will be crafting my cover letter soon and sending in my application.

Earlier today, while browsing my Twitter timeline, I found out about the Jack Talks Speaker Application. My heart skipped and my brain went on overdrive: APPLY FOR IT!!! It yelled to me. It’s a wonderful opportunity to broaden my reach and make a difference in others’ lives.

Beyond all that, I still have to make a decision about applying for the Early Childhood Assistant programs at local colleges. Then there’s laundry to do, TV shows to catch up on, and a community event to prepare for!

I’m being too ambitious and unfocused right now. Gotta keep the main thing the main thing!

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