Welcome back (to me). So I have been gone for a LONG time but it’s okay now because I’m back! I thought since I’m finally back that I would do a little update since I’ve been gone for such a long time! So let’s start!

How have I been?

Well if you were to sit in front of me and ask me “How are you doing?” I would say this!

I’m doing good! I, of course, have good days and bad days, but most days have been good! I am listening to a lot more music which helps me so much! And I would say I have been exercising a lot more, but I haven’t really. I’m not pushing myself too far! I think at a time like this where a few months back I was in a pretty dark place, I’m just focusing on not going back to that place and trying to get myself ready for summer! Summer will be hard for me as around this time last year I had planned to kill myself on August 18th. I will have to spend a lot more time with friends and go to town a lot more. (I have social anxiety so that’s pretty hard!)

Some good news is that my psychiatrist has decided that my next appointment with her will be some time in August which is so fantastic! I guess then she’ll decide from there if she wants to see me again or not! So I am a little nervous that I have all of this time off without seeing her and it’s a little scary because I’m used to every two weeks going to see her. But that’s good news!

So how have you guys been? Hopefully it’s well and I’ll see you in my next post!!

P.S. STOP finding reasons to give up, and instead START finding reasons to keep going on.

Love you guys!


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