Caitlin has been coming up with great ideas to share here! I especially love her latest post on motivation.

See, I’ve been struggling really hard with this idea of willing yourself to accomplish your goals. How do we even do that when our mind feels blank all the time and it seems as if we have no energy to do anything at all? Sure, it’s up to us to make changes in our own lives. Nobody can make us do anything unless we tell ourselves to act upon others’ commands or suggestions or advice. But, seriously…

Imagine you’re all psyched up to complete this project you’ve been working on for a few weeks now. You think you’ve got the motivation – there is nothing else you’d rather do than this project. You’re excited! You’ve been thinking of the various ways you can tweak your plans to get to the perfect conclusion. You bring out your materials and prepare to begin where you left off. . . . Then what?

You seem not to be able to get a hold of your ideas. You try to think and think and think. . . But nothing’s popping in your head. You can’t even remember what you were thinking of a minute ago when you got distracted. . . Were you distracted? Wait, you know you’ve got to finish this project, but where do you start?? You check your notes and say, hmmm… What? You’ll do this and do that. . . Hmmm… What were you thinking about again? Oh, did you just get distracted again?

There is literally nothing popping in your head.

You feel like a total airhead. Not dumb. Nor stupid. It just feels like your head becomes full of air. Actually, it feels like it’s full of nothingness.

You want to pop open your skull and massage your brain. Come on, brain! I know you’ve got the ideas in there! Help me out here, man!

You try to think and think and think some more.

You get frustrated. Annoyed. Ashamed.

Eventually, you give up. You’re brain-dead, so to speak. Thus, you decide to do something else and hope that you’ll get that aha! moment if you stop thinking so hard.

But the worst is yet to come. You get judged and discriminated by the lack of product by the end of it all. You try to explain to them what you’re going through, but nobody really seems to understand. You’re just being lazy, they say. You’re distracting yourself with all these nonsense stuff. Maybe if you put away your books, magazines, Internet access, etc., you’ll be able to focus on your work and finish it.

Motivation is a driving force, but sometimes it’s not enough to drive you to your goals. You need the energy, the force, the vitality, and the strength to push you hard.

So next time you talk to someone who feels stuck, distracted, and unable to pull through projects in spite of their motivation, take a closer look and listen to what they may be going through. Be that friend who is willing to do the project with them in whatever capacity you can. Be that friend who tags along to the gym, the mall, the doctor’s office, or for a good ol’ coffee/hot chocolate date.

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