A not so great week.

Hi everyone! Today’s post from me is a bit different it’s about last week my worst week this year with battling depression!

I feel like I’ve let everyone down. Because my friend has been kinda flaky with me this past week. I’ve had a massive breakdown on Monday or Tuesday–not sure what day–and I haven’t been right since then. I’m sad and I feel alone. I haven’t sat on my bathroom floor crying so much in a year. My last update I was happy. I really was, but this week I haven’t met up with a  friend and I haven’t even gone to town this week.

As for a little bit of positive news, I have gathered up the courage to text a friend who I was in school with last year. We have been texting a bit since last May but it’s only now that I’ve gathered up the courage to ask her if she wants to get tea or coffee with me! And she said yes!

As for the breakdown I just remember talking to my parents about something–I can’t remember what. Next thing I knew, I was on the bathroom floor, rolled up in a ball, crying and just wanting to die. And then I remember my mum and dad knowing I was getting to crisis point so they said, “Let’s go for a drive.” They handed me my shoes and I sat on the floor about to put them on and just not being able to see anything because I was crying so much. The next thing I know, I’m back on the floor in a ball, crying so so much and saying, “I just want to leave. I just want to die.” And then I remember looking up at my mum and dad and seeing them so shocked; they had never seen me like this before. Next thing I know my dad was picking me up and saying to me, “You’re going to be ok.” I was afraid they would call the doctor and they would take me away. I know, weird, right? I cried for so long after that and saying to my mum and dad, “Please don’t call the doctor.”

Ok, guys, well that there was my week how was yours?!

P.S. The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die.

Remember when you feel like giving up think about months ahead when you can say the bravest thing you ever done was continuing your life when you wanted to give up ❤

Love you guys…

Caitlin <3


2 thoughts on “A not so great week.

  1. Aww, Caitlin, I’m so sorry you’ve had a rough week!

    I’m so proud of you for continuing to fight ❤

    Remember, it’s okay not to go out to town or hang out with friends when you don’t feel like it. Simply take some time to yourself reading or watching TV or baking or even just lying on your bed doing nothing.

    On days like nothing seems to go right, it’s best to let the sadness run its course. Then when you’re done crying, pick yourself up and start over in a more positive note.

    Also, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail whenever you feel lonely or sad. I’m here for you ❤


    1. Thank you so much Camille! <3 I agree with you sometimes you just have to let your emotions out I think that's what was wrong I kept little worries to myself and we all know that's not good! <3

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