Quick Update: What I’ve been up to

Hi everyone,

I apologize for the sudden disappearance the past few days. It’s been busy — busy in a good way.

Went home to family over the weekend for games, animé, doctor appointments, and birthday celebrations. This change of scene has energized me greatly. I can’t say I’m doing swell after that visit, but I’m definitely feeling a lot better.

Monday was mostly spent sleeping and travelling back home to the apartment. And Tuesday, finally, was when I got more job applications in.

That means I have not worked on any of my Photography 101 assignments yet for this week, nor have I typed out my entry on the benefits of yoga. I’ll do my best to have that in on Friday, as I will be out tonight for a much-awaited concert. (I’ll post pics tomorrow!)

Thanks again for all the patience and support.


P.S. Caitlin will be back soon! Just had some technical problems that we’re dealing with right now.

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