Update: Where is that Wednesday post I committed to??

Hello dear Readers,

In the beginning of the week, I scheduled a Wednesday post on physical health regarding yoga. As you’ve noticed, I haven’t published anything yet and it’s already Thursday afternoon (here in my part of the world, anyway).

I’ve been busy with helping out in the administration of the new BUGs Community, browsing through the WP Reader, and commenting on so many interesting blogs. Oh, did I say I’ve been on a job hunt, too? Well… Kind-of.

It’s so weird to be doing nothing. As a kid, there was always school and play to keep me busy. When my family migrated, I started working at age 16 while in school. And for the next several years, I’ve always had work and school.

A few weeks ago, I dropped out of school and separated from my job. At least temporarily as I find my sanity. But it seems like I’ve actually become even madder and more depressed, in a sense.

Don’t get me wrong – it was a good choice. I do not regret it one bit. Because of it, I’ve had time to focus my energy on my blog (which I’ve been wanting to do since I started Love Yourself Again in September 2014).

But now it’s time to get back into the working force and help with paying the expenses. I promise to finally step out of the apartment today and apply to appropriate job openings. Even if it means sitting at Starbucks and browsing through online job portals, completing online applications, and e-mailing my résumé & cover letters.

Next Wednesday, I’ll get you that information and/or commentary on yoga I promised, basically shifting the Wednesday health & well-being posts.

I appreciate your patience and your continued support to the growth of my blog.

Love yourself always.

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